Welcome to Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited

Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited (TSMC) is a joint venture established in October 2010 by Tata Steel Ltd. and New Millennium Iron Corp.(TSX: NML). Tata Steel owns 80% and NML owns 20% stake in the company. TSMC is part of Tata Steel Group of companies which is a Fortune 500 company and is among the top 10 producers of steel in the world. Tata Steel group has over 81,000 employees spread over 5 continents. TSMC is developing iron ore deposits in Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador in Canada. TSMC is currently engaged in two main activities:

DSO Project

TSMC is developing the Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) project which involves mining, crushing, washing, screening and shipping the sinter fines and pellet fines to Tata Steel's European steel making facilities.

Taconite Project

TSMC is also involved with New Millennium Iron Corp.(TSX: NML) in undertaking a Feasibility Study of the LabMag and KeMag iron ore deposits which form a part of the 150-km long Millennium Iron Range in northern Canada.

Latest News

February 11, 2014: Tata Steel Minerals Canada (TSMC) proudly participated, along with representatives from the Government of Quebec and Labrador Iron Mines, in the re-opening of the local First Nations Community Arena, thirty years after its closing.  This was made possible, in large part, due to TSMC’s significant financial contribution towards the rehabilitation of the arena, which will benefit both the communities of Kawawachikamach and Matimekush-Lac John. 

September 18, 2013: Tata Steel Minerals Canada (TSMC) signs Joint Venture Agreement with Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited (LIM) to develop the Howse iron ore deposit in the Schefferville region of the Labrador Trough.

September 14, 2013: The First Shipment from Tata Steel Minerals Canada’s (TSMC) DSO Project departed from the Iron Ore Company of Canada’s terminal facility in Sept-Iles, Quebec. The MV Sterling vessel carrying 76,896 tonnes of iron ore sinter fines is destined for Tata Steel’s European plants.

August 14, 2013:

Tata Steel Minerals Canada (TSMC) and NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC), the Southern Inuit of Labrador, have signed a co-operation agreement for the DSO Project. This agreement covers environmental protection, employment, business opportunities and financial benefits. This is in line with Tata Group’s philosophy of considering community as an integral part of its business and will go a long way in building positive relations with the NCC.

July 12, 2013:

The Ministry of Environment Quebec (MDDEFP) has granted permission for the construction of KeRail. Once operational, this 22 Kms of railway line will facilitate the connection to TSH Rail.

July 10, 2013:

TSMC is pleased to announce the flagging off of the first train carrying 17,000 tonnes of DSO iron ore from Schefferville to Sept-Iles. This marks a major milestone in the progress of the DSO project. The train left Schefferville at 3:50 PM today and will reach Sept-Iles in the morning of July 11.

July 5, 2013:

TSMC has entered into a confidential agreement for the sale of TSMC's iron ore production to the Iron Ore Company of Canada (“IOC”). The contract shall allow TSMC to commence shipment of its products in the current year.

March 13, 2013:

Approval from Department of Natural Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador: TSMC is pleased to announce the receipt of the approval from the Department of Natural Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador pertaining to the development and closure plan for DSO – Fleming 7N, Process Plant and Rail Loop.

December 14, 2012:

Today an important milestone in the construction of the plant was achieved. All 38 trusses of the dome were erected successfully overcoming many difficulties including weather. The momentum continues with the effort now directed towards the dome end walls and foundations for main process plant.